Green Bay Packers: 3 Best Running Back Options In The 2024 NFL Draft



Mar 2, 2024; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Louisville running back Isaac Guerendo (RB12) during the 2024 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium.



The Green Bay Packers will be looking for a running back in the NFL draft. As the running back room ages, it makes sense that they would look to secure their future. Superstar Aaron Jones is 29 years old and entering the later stages of his career. His running mate AJ Dillon is on the road out of Green Bay to free agency. With the 2024 Draft around the corner, it is time to look at some players who may be suiting up for the Green Bay Packers soon.



Isaac Guerendo

Iowa City, Iowa, USA; Iowa Hawkeyes linebacker Jack Campbell (31) tackles Wisconsin Badgers running back Isaac Guerendo (20) during the fourth quarter at Kinnick Stadium.


One of the most productive NFL Combine performances came from Wisconsin Badger Isaac Guerendo. Putting him on the map for many teams looking for a spark in their backfield.



Guerendo is a 6’1 225 prototypical running back. At his size, he doesn’t have to have the greatest speed to be productive. Despite this, Isaac Guerendo posted an unbelievable 9.99 relative athletic score, yes, that score is out of 10. His 4.33 40-yard dash was the best of all running backs in the combine.



In Wisconsin, he portrayed strong running with the ability to melt through arm tackles through the gap. Also effective in the passing game, Guerendo can meet oncoming blitzes with strong power and punchy hands, as well as secure catches outside of his frame and transfer speed into the passing game.



Though not perfect, his game speed may not show quite what he displayed on the combined 40-yard dash. But with good coaching, Isaac Guerendo could learn better angles and speed transfer at the second level to become an extremely talented back, potentially for the Green Bay Packers.



Jaylen Wright

Another top combine performer includes Tennessee’s Jaylen Wright. However, he did not need much help from that performance as his game tape speaks for itself.



Wright’s 6’0 215 frame is teetering on smaller, though it is not much cause for concern when understanding his athletics and skill. Jaylen Wright’s 9.82 RAS was second only behind Guerendo, and the speed is shown in his play. Over his 2023 campaign, he had explosive runs (10+ yards) on over a quarter of his attempts. On top of this, he showed the ability to hand catch in his limited routes. Wright is only 20 years old, a big plus as he has taken less hits than some more veteran backs.



He has a potential fumble problem, though that is an issue that can be righted. His pad level can improve, at times he opens his chest which can be a big target for powerful NFL linebackers. The Green Bay Packers should find interest in a splash playmaker like Jaylen Wright.



Trey Benson

Trey Benson was one of the most productive pieces of a talented Florida State Seminoles team. With an impressive stat sheet to go along with zero fumbles, there are not a lot of red flags for Benson.



The 6’1 220 220-pound back is a safe option for the Green Bay Packers. Posting a 9.77 relative athletic score, Benson’s intangibles stack up with anybody. Finding himself a factor in every level of the offense, his acceleration and sustained speed are impressive. His speed does not sacrifice his balance or vision though, portraying patience and decisiveness through his NCAA tenure.



Benson could improve in his pass blocking to hold up as a three-down back in the NFL. He can also manage to find contact when it could be avoided, looking more to punch through runners than finding the best option to gain yards.



Generally, the Green Bay Packers should have plenty of options at running back, with the flexibility to build a backfield to fit Matt Lafleur’s vision for the Green Bay offense.


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