Skip Bayless Says 1 QB Is 'Headed To Significance's.

Skip Bayless Says 1 QB Is ‘Headed To Significance’s.

Skip Bayless Says 1 QB Is ‘On The Way To Greatness’

A few young quarterbacks proved this past weekend they could hang with the best teams in the NFL, but none did so better than Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love.

The fourth-year quarterback but first-year starter torched the Dallas Cowboys in their Wild Card matchup and led the Packers to score 41 offensive points in the big win.

He looked solid all season, but that performance finally brushed off the concerns of many detractors who were worried about how he could step into the role vacated by Aaron Rodgers.

With that game, Skip Bayless said Love is a quarterback ready to take his game to the next level, much like his predecessors have done in Green Bay.

“Jordan Love is on the way to greatness,” Bayless said on “Undisputed.”

Love can be anointed as “great,”

Now, there’s still a long way to go before Love can be anointed as “great,” and he’ll face an even tougher opponent this weekend in the San Francisco 49ers that could humble him quickly.

But Love’s impressive showing in his playoff debut with a group of similarly inexperienced offensive players was enough to move him from an unsure prospect to a bona fide up-and-comer with star potential.

Where he and the Packers go next is unclear, but the future is looking brighter in Green Bay.

A win over the 49ers on the road with a conference title appearance on the line would perhaps boost his stock to unimaginable heights.

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