The Defense That Dak Prescott Is Fundamentally Tony Romo.

The Defense That Dak Prescott Is Fundamentally Tony Romo.

Packers Report: Ranchers Journalist Puts forth The Defense That Dak Prescott Is Fundamentally Tony Romo.

Cowboys Reporter Makes The Case That Dak Prescott Is Basically Tony Romo. The fallout from the Dallas Cowboys’ loss to the Green Bay Packers continues as speculation about whether or not the duo of Mike McCarthy and Dak Prescott will ever be able to lead the Cowboys to a Super Bowl continues.

Earlier in the week, the team announced that they would be retaining head coach Mike McCarthy, who has won 12 games in each of his last three seasons as Cowboys head coach. His postseason success, however, hasn’t been of the same standard as he has a 1-3 playoff record in Big D.


While the Cowboys are choosing to stick with McCarthy, they really have no choice but to stick with Prescott as he’s not only set to have a cap hit of $59 million next year but is also, in likelihood, better than whoever they might try to replace him with.

Still, though, after years of minimal playoff success, Cowboys fans are beginning to wonder if Prescott is even good enough to help the team accomplish their goals. One Cowboys writer for ESPN even compared Prescott to his predecessor Tony Romo.

Packers in the wild-card round.

Romo had a 2-4 playoff record. Prescott’s stands at 2-5 after Sunday’s 48-32 demolition by the Green Bay Packers in the wild-card round. Romo had three chances to advance to an NFC Championship Game (2007, 2009, 2014) and never got there. Prescott’s chance at a fourth try was wiped out by the Packers after missed chances in 2016, 2018, and 2022.

Prescott turns 31 in July and played every game this season for the first time since 2019, while leading the NFL in touchdown passes (36). Like Romo, he has suffered serious injuries, like a dislocated and fractured right ankle in 2020, and a broken right thumb that forced him to miss five games in 2022.

Given that McCarthy has been confirmed to return, Prescott will undoubtedly be the team’s starting signal caller next season, which means Cowboys fans are going to have to put on a brave face as the organization tries unsuccessfully ride this duo to the promised land once again.

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