The Green Bay Packers May Gauge Interest Of Future Hall Of Fame Free-Agent



Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; Green Bay Packers wide receiver Christian Watson (9) cannot make a catch against Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Patrick Peterson (20) before being intercepted by safety Keanu Neal (31) during the fourth quarter at Acrisure Stadium.



As of March 8th, 2024, the Green Bay Packers lack the presence of a veteran defensive back, likely adding that to their list in their free-agent search. Outside of superstar cornerback Jaire Alexander, there are no decorated members of the Packers’ secondary.



Though the NFL can be a tough business, when Father Time catches up to a player the league can be harsh. For the Packers, maybe they can get more value out of a player released by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Patrick Peterson is an LSU Tigers legend, and given his elite play in his prime and quality field presence today in the NFL, he may end up in a gold jacket after his career wraps up.

Patrick Peterson Released by Pittsburgh Steelers


Despite playing a team-high 1,162 snaps for the Pittsburgh Steelers defense, the organization decided to move on from the 34-year-old defensive back.


Although he was declined athletically to play in the spot he has become known for, boundary cornerback, Peterson contributed immensely to a defense that was 10th in receptions allowed. Likely looking for an opportunity to play for a team at a discount in his later age, the Green Bay Packers could pursue his hall-of-fame knowledge as they search for free agent depth to their secondary.

What Patrick Peterson Could Bring To The Packers



Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; A pass intended for Green Bay Packers wide receiver Christian Watson (9) is tipped by Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Patrick Peterson (20) before being intercepted by safety Keanu Neal (31) during the fourth quarter at Acrisure Stadium.



Given Patrick Peterson’s rising age and declining athleticism, there’s not much reason to play him as an outside cornerback for teams anymore. In the Packers situation, they are not looking for an outside corner.

The Green Bay Packers starting slot cornerback and All-Pro return man Keisan Nixon is not under contract as the start of free agent signing starts. Given Peterson’s experience and skill, he is capable of giving quality supplemental snaps at the position. Given an injury or something unforeseen to the players the Packers’ prime to be starting in the slot position, Patrick Peterson would be more than capable of handling big snaps on the inside.



But the Green Bay Packers could use his size and knowledge in a different part of the field, placing him farther back in the defensive formation could benefit his declining speed as well as the Packers’ lackluster safety play. Going into the 2023-24 season Patrick Peterson virtually never played at the safety position, but after some injuries to the Steelers last year he stepped into the spot and flourished



“I feel like this is a great move for me at this stage of my career,” he said. “We have good corners who can be a cornerstone for this team. This could be my second career.”- Peterson said about moving to safety for substantial snaps

Patrick Peterson also mentioned his knack for the position, saying it feels natural to him.



In his first big taste at safety, he notched an interception in a win against the Cincinnati Bengals. His defensive coordinator had high praise for his performance.



Could we see Patrick Peterson give his last years to the Green Bay Packers? If he is as willing as he is capable to play in new spots along the defensive formation, such a move could be beneficial for both the three-time all-pro and the green and gold.


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