LeBron James As A Potential Exchange Focus For The Lakers?

LeBron James As A Potential Exchange Focus For The Lakers?

LeBron James As A Potential Exchange Focus For The Lakers?


LeBron James May Have Been In Cleveland To Scout Darius Garland As A Potential Trade Target For The Lakers



NBA personnel believe LeBron James was on a potential scouting mission in Cleveland.



LeBron James’ visit to Cleveland this week may have actually been a scouting mission on behalf of the Lakers. According to Grant Afseth of NBA Analysis Network, the King making an appearance at. a Cavaliers game was the first step in an ambitious offseason plan.



“Some league personnel believe James used his courtside viewing experience in Cleveland to look closer at Klutch Sports Group client Garland as a potential trade target for the Los Angeles Lakers,” wrote Afseth. “However, it remains to be seen what viable trade offering they have that helps the Cavaliers build around Mitchell.”



LeBron James and Darius Garland don’t have much in common on the surface, but they are both represented by Klutch Sports, the agency that’s led by James’ longtime friend and business partner, Rich Paul. With such a strong connection already established, it wouldn’t take much for the players to be drawn together as teammates and the stage is already being set for a potential pairing.



Garland, who averaged 18.0 points, 6.5 assists, and 2.7 rebounds per game this season, is still just 24 years old and he’s shown remarkable potential as a scorer, playmaker, and leader for the Cavaliers. But after two failed seasons alongside Donovan Mitchell, the franchise is ready to split the backcourt and Darius could be the first one to go.



While it remains to be seen which teas will be involved, the Lakers are sure to be at the front of the wine in any Mitchell sweepstakes and LeBron will be leading the charge. As a 2016 champion with Kyrie Irving, LeBron has a great track record with young star point guards and there’s a good chance he can bring out the best in Darius Garland’s game.



This summer, the Lakers are expected to be aggressive in their pursuit of star power and the Cavaliers may be the best place to look given their current situation in the backcourt.



LeBron James Wants The Lakers To Make A Move

While it’s still unclear what LeBron James’ true intention was by showing up at the game, he’s been putting pressure on the Lakers for months now to make a move and do something to upgrade their roster.



Last summer, he tried to get the Lakers to sign Kyrie Irving before they got cold feet and decided to double down on beefing up their supporting cast. Ultimately, with another failed campaign in the books, the Lakers are approaching this offseason with a completely new strategy.



With talented players and some light draft capital to offer, the Lakers are willing to pay a hefty price if it means adding another big-name player to the roster. Unfortunately, the options are relatively limited for any team this summer but several names have emerged on the market, including Paul George, Donovan Mitchell, and Darius Garland.



At 39 years old, LeBron James is urging the Lakers to do whatever it takes and build him a team that can go all the way. It’s easier said than done for the Lakers, but young star Darius Garland could solve many of their problems in the backcourt and he’d finally give them the primary ball-handler the’ve been wanting for years.



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