Cavaliers Star Donovan Mitchell Has Three Possible Trade Suitors

Cavaliers Star Donovan Mitchell Has Three Possible Trade Suitors.

There are three teams to watch if the Cleveland Cavaliers end up having to trade Donovan Mitchell.

It is no news that the Cleveland Cavaliers are quite optimistic about their future with star star shooting guard Donovan Mitchell. According to reports, Donovan would like to stay with the franchise.

Nothing is done until the pen hits the paper, Though its good to be optimistic.

He can change his mind and decide to play elsewhere and if that happens, the Cavaliers wouldn’t have much of a choice but to keep him instead of loosing him for nothing in free agency.

Normally, that occasion will not come up. Mitchell would just sign a long-term contract with Cleveland and lead the franchise back to NBA Finals contention. But if he changes his mind and want out, which teams could be potential trade destinations?

According to CBS Sports the top three potential trade suitors for Mitchell are all teams with good case to make to him about why he should leave Cavaliers.

The three teams are Los Angeles LakersBrooklyn Nets, and Miami Heat.

Among these three teams, two are already championship contenders. Donovan joining the Lakers or Heat would give him a chance to keep contending at a very high level. As for the Nets, they’re just a big market team in search of a star that can lead them back to contention.

Cavaliers Star Donovan Has Three Possible Trade Suitors.

Mitchell ended up averaging 26.6 points per game with 6.1 assists and 5.1 rebounds during the 2023-24 NBA season with Cleveland. He shot 46.2 percent from the floor overall and knocked down 36.8 percent of his three-point attempts.

This is why most teams around the league have interest in Mitchell.

Donovan Mitchell is a ‘legitimate superstar and franchise cornerstone type of player’. And that is how the Cavaliers view him too.

His decision could come down to whether or not he thinks he can win a championship in Cleveland. It will all start with who the Cavaliers choose to be their next head coach.

Fans and the franchise will have to remain patient and hope that Mitchell remains steadfast in his commitment to the team. If he decides to leave, the above three teams will be potential front-runners to pull off a blockbuster trade for the star guard.

It will be best all of this goes smoothly for Cleveland and the franchise is able to lock Mitchell up to a long-term deal in the near future so the rumors can end.

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