2024 NFL Divisional Round teasers: Best NFL playoff teaser picks.

2024 NFL Divisional Round teasers: Best NFL playoff teaser picks

Best 2024 NFL playoff teaser picks and bets for Divisional weekend.

2024 NFL mystery: Best NFL season finisher mystery picks and wagers. All four home teams are favored this weekend, including Buffalo who hosts a Kansas City team playing its first road game of Patrick Mahomes’ career.

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The first round of the NFL playoffs has come and gone, and featured a lot of blowouts that didn’t result in too many exciting games. The upcoming Divisional Round should be a lot better.

For bettors interested in placing a wager on this round, looking at 2024 NFL Divisional Round teasers is a savvy move to limit your risk while opening up your upside.

If NFL playoff teaser picks sound enticing to you, here is your guide to making the best teasers for the Divisional Round.

Whenever you make a teaser you want to try to move the line through as many key numbers as possible. The key numbers to know are 3,4,7, and 10. It should always be our goal to move the line through those numbers. You’ll see that all the 6-point teasers below follow this philosophy.

NFL Divisional Round Bet: Tease the Houston Texans, San Francisco 49ers spreads (-120)

Houston Texans +15.5 (+9.5 original line)

San Francisco 49ers -3.5 (-9.5 original line)

This special 6-point teaser has one big underdog and one big favorite. You can bet $120 to win $100, returning $220. Alternatively, you can bet $12 to win $10, returning $22.

To start, you need the Houston Texans to finish within 15 points of the Baltimore Ravens. While the Ravens are a scary team and Lamar Jackson is playing like the best quarterback in the league, the Texans have their own rising star at quarterback.

J. Stroud threw for three.

C.J. Stroud threw for three touchdowns in his playoff debut. He has completed at least 75% of his passes in each of his last three games and looks to be one of the future faces of this league. He has also not thrown an interception in his last three games. We like Stroud to play well enough to keep this relatively close.

Next, you need the 49ers to win by at least four points. It would be nice if we could tease this line an additional point over the key number three, but we will settle for 3.5. Brock Purdy is not getting enough respect for his play this season and Christian McCaffrey is back fully healthy and ready to go.

While the Packers had an impressive showing against the Cowboys, they haven’t shown enough over the full season.

Best 2024 NFL Divisional Teaser Picks: Bet Detroit Lions, Kansas City Chiefs (-120)

Detroit Lions -0.5 (-6.5 original line)

Kansas City Chiefs +8.5 (+2.5 original line)

This is another two-leg teaser with the same odds as the first one.

To start, you get Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs as more than a touchdown underdogs. When was the last time you could make that happen in the playoffs? Mahomes and the Chiefs have been the most successful franchise in recent years and this is a rare chance to get them as an underdog.

You also need the Lions to beat the Buccaneers, virtually straight up. While much will be made about the Bucs win over the Eagles, the Eagles were sputtering to end the year. The Bucs barely had a winning record this season, so the Lions should be able to get the win.

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