Analyst Says 1 East Guard Is The Best Trade Option For The Lakers

Analyst Says 1 East Guard Is The Best Trade Option For The Lakers

Most Los Angeles Lakers fans like the idea of Dejounte Murray moving from the Atlanta Hawks to LA in the near future.

They feel that he could be the missing piece that brings the offense and defense together and helps the team perform at the next level.

Speaking on Hoops Tonight, Jason Timpf said he’s skeptical of a deal for Murray coming together, but he likes the concept of the player joining the Lakers.

He claims that Murray could be a “point of attack guard” who perfectly complements Los Angeles and especially Anthony Davis.

According to Timpf, the best version of the Lakers’ defense is when Davis is down low protecting the rim.

There are countless Lakers fans who agree with him.

Timpf concluded that Murray is the sort of star player who could seamlessly move into the rotation and start collaborating with Davis via pick-and-rolls.

Timpf is one of many people who envisions a bright future if Murray joins the Lakers.

But he isn’t sure that’s possible, because the front office would have to give up an awful lot in order to land Murray, at least right now.

They would have more to bring to the table in the offseason around the time of the draft but it’s not clear if the Hawks are willing to wait that long to deal Murray away.

If they think that his time with the team has come to an end, they will want to trade him as quickly as possible so they can move on and find an identity without him.

So while Murray could do great things for the Lakers, he may never get the chance to.

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