Last Postseason of 5 Lakers Playing in Los Angeles

Last Postseason of 5 Lakers Playing  in Los Angeles


5 Lakers Playing Their Final Postseason in Los Angeles

The 2023-24 NBA playoffs are here but it won’t be much longer until the offseason is upon us. With that in mind, these five Lakers are probably playing their final postseason in Los Angeles.

PG D’Angelo Russell is likely playing his final postseason in Los Angeles.

After eight grueling months, the Los Angeles Lakers are ready to chase an NBA Championship this postseason. Even though the regular season was far from perfect, that’s okay because the playoffs offer a clean slate for everyone. Besides, everyone should know by now not to doubt LeBron James and Anthony Davis in the postseason.

While it’s fun to look forward to playoff basketball, let’s not forget that the NBA offseason is on the horizon. Regardless of how the Lakers’ postseason run goes, there’s a good chance that a handful of players are experiencing the playoffs in Los Angeles for the last time.

Here are five Lakers who are likely playing their final postseason with the franchise.

1. D’Angelo Russell, PG/SG

After a putrid 2022-23 playoff run, Lakers fans were ready to be done with D’Angelo Russell. Fortunately, the veteran point guard managed to turn things around this year and was a big factor in Los Angeles extending its campaign.

Russell proved that he’s still capable of being a starting PG this season, averaging about 18.0 points, 6.4 assists, and 3.1 rebounds while shooting 45.5% from the floor and a career-best 41.3% from deep. If he can keep performing at that level during the playoffs, it’ll certainly make up for his previous postseason run.

But even though Russell has exceeded expectations, his future in Los Angeles isn’t guaranteed. After all, the former Ohio State Buckeye heads into the offseason with an $18.6 million player option. If this was last year, I would say that his accepting it would be a no-brainer, but there’s a good chance that he can make even more money in free agency after balling out this season.

Maybe there’s still a world where Russell opts to re-sign with the Lakers, but I won’t hold my breath. Players dream of cashing in on big paydays and this could be the 28-year-old’s last chance at a big-money, long-term deal.

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