Lakers Report: why hesitating to include budding star?

Lakers Report: why  hesitating to include budding star in.....?

‘Why hesitating to include budding star in?’ Is the question on everyone’s mind.

Lakers is reluctant to include budding star in Dejounte Murray trade.

The Los Angeles Lakers are rumored to be interested in acquiring Atlanta Hawks guard Dejounte Murray via trade but why hesitating?

Murray is in the final year of his four-year $64 million contract. He has a four-year $111 million contract extension kicking in next season.

If the Lakers want to match salary, Austin Reaves may find himself part of the trade package that would send him to the Hawks.

According to Dan Woike of The Los Angeles Times, though, the Lakers are unsure whether swapping Reaves for Murray would have the desired impact.

“The Lakers, though, have shown no interest in trading Reaves despite some defensive regression this season, and even if they did flip him for Murray, there’s real skepticism that it would “move the needle” — a phrase you hear a lot when you talk to people about the Lakers and their deadline plans,” Woike wrote. “…If the cost to get Murray is a first-round pick and a win-now young player (the Raptors elected for two of those players in lieu of a first-round pick in their trade of OG Anunoby to the Knicks), the Lakers can’t really meet it without Reaves.”

point-of-attack defense.

Murray is likely seen as the ideal ball-handler next to LeBron James and Anthony Davis. His point-of-attack defense would be a huge draw for the Lakers, as will his ability to attack off the dribble or operate as an off-ball threat who can shoot off the catch or drive on the rip-through. Still, Reaves has proven himself to be a valuable commodity as a third option behind two All-NBA talents.

Moving on from a home-grown talent who has become a fan favorite would be a questionable move for Lakers GM Rob Pelinka.

He would need to ensure Murray becomes a success in L.A. or risk the backlash of the fanbase. Furthermore, Murray has struggled splitting ball-handling duties with Trae Young. Expecting him to have different results when splitting opportunities with LeBron James is wishful thinking.

Given the risk in moving on from Reaves, it’s unlikely the Lakers would be willing to include him in a straight-up deal for Murray. Yes, the team needs to make some moves. They need fresh talent that can help turn the franchise’s season around.

However, moving on from one of the most productive players on the roster is counterproductive. It’s unlikely we’ll see Reaves swapping teams at the trade deadline. He’s too important to the Lakers’ chances of success.

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