Lakers greatest challenge!

Lakers greatest challenge!

(Lakers greatest challenge!) Analyst Names The Biggest Problem With The Lakers.

After spending most of the season floating around or below .500, the Los Angeles Lakers have created a little bit of a cushion with the NBA playoffs set to get underway next month, as they currently sit at 34-29 ahead of tonight’s matchup against the division-rival Sacramento Kings.

Approaching New Agreement Understanding by LeBron James.


The Lakers are talented enough to beat any team in the league, but they are also flawed enough to lose to any team they might face on any given night, which makes it difficult to judge or project what it is capable of at this point.

According to Jason Timpf of The Volume, the main problem for the Lakers may simply come down to coaching, with second-year head coach Darvin Ham potentially not able to cut it as the leader on the sideline moving forward.

Timpf’s statement.

“I don’t think Darvin Ham is up to the tactical challenge,” Timpf said.

Things have gotten so bad with Ham in Los Angeles that it has been said that LeBron James has been overriding his play calls coming out of timeouts, which obviously isn’t a good sign as it undermines the head coach.

If the Lakers flame out of the playoffs or fail to even make it into the postseason, Ham might be the first change the team makes, as he hasn’t really proven his worth over the course of his second season with the team.

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