Bulls update: Warriors face Giannis’ Bucks without Curry.

Bulls update: Warriors face Giannis' Bucks without Curry.

Warriors face Giannis’ Bucks in Milwaukee without Curry.

No Curry as Warriors face Giannis’ Bucks in Milwaukee.Can Golden State grit out a win on the second night of a back to back?

The Golden State Warriors have quite the daunting second step of a back-to-back today, as they follow up last night’s win over the Chicago Bulls with a battle against the new look Milwaukee Bucks. Especially without Stephen Curry!

Those Bucks have a 26-12 record and are coming off a complete destruction of the Boston Celtics. Per the Bucks blog Brew Hoops, it was keyed by new star acquisition Damian Lillard, who Warriors fans know as an Oakland hooper who carried the Portland Trail Blazers for years:

When this offense is clicking, it’s clicking.

That was the theme of the night. The tone was immediately set by a pair of Damian Lillard threes, which really was the match that got things going. Then, immediately after entering the game, Bobby Portis doused the floor with not just energy, but scoring. His scoring helped fuel a 20-0 run between he and Giannis. That first half was dominant offense by the Bucks, and their stars weren’t even fully rampant. Just a great outing for the squad to get back on track.

Golden State Warriors at Milwaukee Bucks

January 13th, 2024 | 5:00 PM PT.

The Dubs are desperately looking to string some momentum together after an inconsistent start to the season. Their 18-20 record has fans firing up trade machines, reports of players being confused about their roles, and rampant speculation about the end of the dynasty.

But at the end of the day, it’s just basketball folks. If the Dubs put together a few wins, suddenly they flip the narratives and can get back to being the heroes that Dub Nation is accustomed to. Like that win they got over Chitown last night!

Can the Dubs get a big win without Steph? Let’s see!


Who ya got, Warriors or Bucks?

Bucks, they’re too strong if the Dubs don’t have Steph


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