Bring timetable back: Bulls’ Zach LaVine gets free injury.

Bring timetable back:  Bulls' Zach LaVine gets free injury.

Bulls’ Zach LaVine gets loose injury return timeline

Chicago Bulls guard Zach LaVine has been out since Nov. 28 with a foot injury.

The injury has also put a damper on any potential trade involving LaVine, who is heavily rumored to be on the move out of Chicago.

Now, Bulls coach Billy Donovan has provided an update on LaVine’s status, according to K.C. Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago:

“Billy Donovan said it’s a “strong possibility” that Zach LaVine returns to practice next week, though he’ll likely stay behind to work out in Chicago when Bulls leave for two-game trip.”

Lavine was recently seen working out, an important step toward returning to the Bulls:

LaVine looked to be moving and cutting fine there, which does signal that he isn’t dealing with too much foot soreness anymore. The Bulls definitely need his return.

Chicago is currently 14-19 and have shown no signs of turning things around anytime soon.

Donovan had previously hinted at Zach LaVine potentially returning at some point in January.

“I think he’s a lot happier now because at least he can get on the court and run and he can do some shooting and workout,” Donovan said of LaVine ramping up his workload.

“That’s probably the most frustrating part. These guys are so wired and trained to work out and work on their shooting, work on their game all the time.

When that gets taken away from you for a period of time, you want to get back in the gym and start working out.

The Chicago Bulls take on the Philadelphia 76ers on Saturday.

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