Joel Embiid Needs To Bring home A Championship Or Stephen will.

Joel Embiid Needs To Bring home A Championship Or Stephen will.

Just In: Shaquille O’Neal Says Joel Embiid Needs To Bring home A Championship Or Stephen A.Smith will.

Shaquille O’Neal Says Joel Embiid Has To Win A Title Or Stephen A.Smith Will Destroy Him On His Show. Shaq demands championships for Joel Embiid, intensifying NBA supremacy debate.

The ongoing debate between Shaquille O’Neal and Stephen A. Smith regarding the supremacy of big men in the NBA has taken a new turn, with Shaq asserting that Joel Embiid must secure an NBA championship or face severe criticism on Smith’s show.

The comparison between Embiid and Nikola Jokic has been a point of contention, especially as the Sixers star lacks the coveted NBA title that Jokic clinched last season.

“If Joel doesn’t win, you’re gonna kill him, you, your show. Joker has that edge, he’s won. They asked the great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ‘What do you think about Shaq?’ And his response was ‘he’s pretty good, but he hasn’t won yet.'”

“Kinda broke my heart, but it was the truth. Listen, Joel Embiid is a fabulous talent, definitely number 1, number 2 but if he doesn’t win, you’re gonna kill him.”

He highlighted the potential scrutiny Embiid could face not only from Smith but also from the broader NBA media landscape, including fellow analysts like Kendrick Perkins and JJ Redick.

Drawing parallels to his own career, Shaq recounted an incident involving Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who, despite acknowledging Shaq’s talent, withheld full praise until he secured an NBA championship. Shaq emphasized that winning championships sets players apart, echoing Abdul-Jabbar’s sentiment.

The conversation delved into the disparity in treatment between players with and without championship rings. Jokic’s recent success in winning an NBA title places him at an advantage in the ongoing debate.

Shaq acknowledged the harsh reality of the sports world, emphasizing that Embiid, despite being a fabulous talent, would face intense scrutiny if he fell short of winning a championship.

As the Sixers enjoy a successful season, currently boasting a record of 23-12 and holding the third spot in the Eastern Conference standings, the pressure mounts on Embiid to translate individual brilliance into team success.

Shaq’s candid assessment adds an extra layer of scrutiny to Embiid’s journey, creating a compelling narrative around the Sixers’ quest for an NBA championship.

Joel Embiid Has To Prove It In The Playoffs

Joel Embiid’s dominance in the regular season is undeniable, boasting impressive career averages of 27.7 points, 11.2 rebounds, and 3.6 assists, with shooting percentages of 50.3% from the field and 33.8% from beyond the arc. However, the glaring contrast in his playoff stats reveals a potential chink in his armor, with numbers dipping to 24.0 points, 10.9 rebounds, 2.9 assists, 46.1% from the field, and 28.0% from 3-point range.

The disparity between regular-season excellence and playoff performance has become a narrative surrounding Embiid’s career. Legends of the NBA are revered for elevating their game on the grandest stages, a feat Embiid has yet to accomplish. At 29, in the prime of his career, the window for him to prove his mettle in the playoffs is narrowing, with perhaps only 3-4 years before the inevitable slowing down.

While his regular-season accolades and MVP-worthy performances are commendable, the true measure of greatness often lies in postseason success. Embiid’s failure to reach a conference finals, let alone an NBA final, raises questions about his ability to shine in the crucible of playoff basketball. Despite being in the MVP talks in the past two years, finishing second in 2021-22 and winning it in 2022-23, Embiid has faltered on the biggest stages when it matters most.

As NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal aptly put it, until Embiid secures postseason success, he will continue to face scrutiny. This journey echoes the paths of other all-time greats like LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, and Kevin Durant, who all endured criticisms until they achieved playoff glory. The pressure now rests on Embiid’s shoulders to prove himself in the postseason, solidifying his place among the basketball elite by conquering the challenges that define legends.

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