News Flash: After 44-point blast, D’Angelo Russell sends contacting recognition for his mother’s…



D’Angelo Russell sends touching tribute for his mom after 44-point explosion


D’Angelo Russell had an amazing game yesterday evening in the Laker’s 123-122 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks. The Lakers guard finished the game with 44 points, 6 rebounds, and 9 assists while also knocking down nine three-pointers.


In postgame comments, Russell showed love to his mother and said that she is his motivation for his career in honor of National Women’s Day.



“My mom’s been my motivation my whole career to be honest. I know what my mom’s been through, growing up it was tough for me, I don’t really talk about it, I don’t really open up about my family and my experiences and things like that, but I know what my mom’s been through to, to help raise me and my brothers, and


I know what my dad’s been through to help raise me and my brothers, so, National Women’s Day, but every day is that, my family, who I, the women that I, are in my circle, for sure.”


It’s well known that Russell is very close with his family, and he even spoke about his close relationship with his mom in a feature for NBA with Mike Trudell back in 2015.

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